the light years mag// a collab w Gayle

Gayle and I are starting an online magazine!

I was thinking about more ways I could utilize my creativity a few months back and I had a talk with one of my best friends about all the stuff I wanted to do because at the time I was so full of creative energy. And one of the things I mentioned was how I wanted to start an online magazine for teens.

And after our discussion I instantly thought of Gayle and I reached out to her and was like ‘hey, crazy idea but…”

And now, a month(and a bit) later we’re both really excited to share this with you.

light years image

The Light Years Magazine 


Alyssa Monks described the light years as stepping into adulthood, and no longer being a child but not yet weighed down by the responsibilities of life.

The Light Years Magazine is an online magazine created for teen by teens in hopes of forming a community and allowing you this platform to make your own.

We cover topics about everything from poetry to sex ed putting a focus on matters that are important not just to us, but to you as well.

Being a teenager is a lot like riding a rollercoaster you didn’t sign up for, at first you’re filled with excitement or apprehension and at the end you’re either walking away with a lust for life or nausea, the journey in between is what you make of it.

No matter what your circumstances are, we hope our little space feels like home, like your very own safe space. Create conversations, share your thoughts, advice, whatever your heart desires, this is your canvas.

Making art out of your life and yourself is messy, but it is beautiful too.

All our love, 

Adria & Gayle

The whole point of the magazine is to be as inclusive as possible and create a space where you feel safe being authentically you. Which is why we tried to include as many categories as we could, if you’re interested in contributing to any of the following categories drop us an email (info is right at the end).


~mental health~


~sex ed~





~journal entries~




thelightyearsmag instagram

lightyearsmag blog


*also I’d just like to clarify that you don’t necessarily need to be a teen to contribute, but the content is aimed at teens so keep that in mind if you’re over 19


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