all the things you left behind

Hey lovelies,

I posted a couple of weeks(days??) ago but it still feels it’s been forever. I haven’t written a proper post in so long that all of this feels kind of foreign to me but hopefully by the time you’re reading this, this post won’t seem like an uncomfortable and awkward attempt at my usual writing style.

So I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has happened over the past month or so and I feel like an in depth catch up is needed but at the same time I’m in no position to be writing lengthy posts.

So I thought I’d share something else I wrote

your blue socks on the floor

your tattered copy of Charlotte’s Web

your half painted wall

your overflowing laundry basket

your favourite pen with the chewed up lid

your cd’s

your stack of cards


-all the things you left behind


8 thoughts on “all the things you left behind

    • I love you so much❤ I still have my tattered copy of Charlotte’s Web (my brother’s from when he was in 5th grade ages ago but basically mine because that’s how having siblings works lol). Thank you so much for your sweet words and keep holding on xx

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