Hey I’m Chips or Adria (depending on how long you’ve followed my blogging journey)

I like to shout from rooftops about the things that matter to me and am a firm believer that all things good come in the form of cheesecake.

I’m  f o u r t e e n

An  a m b i v e r t

And I like to talk about mental health among other things


I don’t have a niche.

But I do have a bunch of super special posts for you to check out

Girl Talk (a collab with my best friend and author Claire Cramphorn)

Boy Talk( because mental health isn’t selective)

The Outfit Challenge( a collab with the incredible Gianna)

Friday 6PM( a mental health related blog series coming in 2019)

So This Happened( a ramble that means a lot to me)

Email: adriapetrov@gmail.com