what I’ve been listening to #3

Hey loves,

Guess who? Adria! Your favourite inconsistent blogger is back (hopefully for good this time). This was meant to be a monthly series but like I said earlier, inconsistent queen, so sorry if you hit the follow button expecting regular posts* It’s been a hot minute since I last made a playlist and a lot of new albums have come out recently which I’ve obviously been listening to non-stop. My mocks start tomorrow but we all know where that falls on my list of priorities so enjoy this playlist fueled by our dear friend pRocrAstinaTIon.

*we all know I have the planning skills of a guppy



gloomy tapes vol. 2//call me karizma

So I don’t normally put albums on here just because that’s a lot of effort I don’t have** BUT I have listened to this song every day since it came out. I have cried to this album, had a breakdown to this album, journaled while listening to this album, procrastinated by listening to this album instead of studying. You name it, I’ve done it. I love love love Morgan so much and his music has changed my life and had such a huge impact on me as an individual and I’ll be forever be grateful for this lovely soul.

**I’m an actual joke I know

I lost my mind//FINNEAS

This song literally broke my heart in 15 million different ways, stitched it back together and then threw it out the window of a skyscraper. The dancing, the lyrics, I just-

call out my name//the weeknd

This is one of those songs that’s practically made for when you’re up at 2am and are nostalgic for everything and everyone and I swear every word tugs at your heartstrings. I know there were tons of mixed reviews on this when it came out but it reminds me of the Trilogy era and not in a bad way. Like I genuinely feel like people sometimes forget that artists are people too and they change and develop and grow just like us and that’s often seen in their music and there’s literally nothing wrong with that but that’s a rant for anytime when I’m not sick*** My point is all my favourite artists have picked the past few months to trample on my heart and whilst this song was released a while ago, I honestly hadn’t even listened to it up until recently. So thanks for messing with my emotions (again!) Abel

***climate change is literally killing me(and the world), if you haven’t already seen my instagram highlights (@adriapetrov btw) there are some ways to save the planet in one of them. Also I’ll probably do a post on that soon ft. me, the bad vegetarian

begin again soundtrack//various artists

I love every single song on this album and I’ve seen the movie numerous times since it came out(a while ago). I’ve been in a very pensive, melancholic, thoughtful kind of mood recently. Although I am trying not to sleep at like 2am because I’m up at 5am for school (fml), there’s something magical about this album+nostalgia+looking at the stars and it’s so soft and delicate and beautiful and it feels like finally coming home after feeling lost for forever. I love it to pieces.

same wine//priya francis

No one:

Not a single soul:


7 days//alessia cara

I wish I had the words to coherently explain my thoughts on this song but I don’t so just listen to it and thank me later


I’ve decided not to expose myself by putting the number of time I’ve listened to this song, and Wasteland, Baby in general because I’m pretty sure I’ve surpassed a million by now. Love, love, love. The visuals, the lyrics, Sergei Polunin’s dancing, Hozier never fails to blow me away and I’ve genuinely lost the ability to piece words together at this point because of it.

What have you been listening to lately? Also totally asking for a friend, but did anyone else scream when they saw the release date for Norman Fucking Rockwell?



what i’ve been listening to lately #2

Just more songs I’ve been loving lately…

wow//post malone


hold tight//sabrina carpenter


broken//THEY ft. jessie reyez

“I’ll lie and say I didn’t come broken, I’ll lie and say you did it”


3 nights//dominic fike

“You can call me names if you call me yours”


bad guy//billie eilish

“so you’re a tough guy//like it really rough guy//just can’t get enough guy//chest always so puffed guy//i’m that bad type make your mama sad type//make your girlfriend mad type//might seduce your dad type”


What have you been listening to lately? Admittedly, I should probably be studying instead of blogging but my first 3 finals (yup, we’re writing three in a day) are English paper 1 and 2 and Turkish. I never study for English, just because I write everyday and read a bunch. But I want to clarify that I have no idea how I’ve been passing Turkish so far but guessing hasn’t failed me yet.


what i’ve been listening to lately


where do i go? //VAGUE003

“all those, all of the pieces that they’ll, they’ll never show”

the motion //Drake

“when they need a favor from your man, they don’t leave you alone
but i guess that’s just the motion, yeah
then that phone doesn’t ring
when they got everything, that’s the motion”

can’t get happy(demo)//kailee morgue

“but my brothers gettin’ taller and I’m only feeling smaller”

“do you think that you could love me if i can’t get happy”

“I’m scared I might fade away if no one tells me I’m okay”

serial killer //Lana del Rey

“do it for the thrill of the rush”

stupid deep //Jon Bellion

“what if all the things i’ve done were just attempts at earning love”

Shutter Island //Jessie Reyez

“My straight jacket’s custom-made though”

“For a second I forgot I was a bad b*tch”

monster(under my bed) //Call Me Karizma

“monster, monster under my bed come out and play ‘coz i need a friend”

sweater weather //The Neighbourhood cover by Korantemaa

“head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered”

dna //Lia Marie Johnson

“they look at me like i look at you”

it’s not you it’s me //bea miller

“i’m leaving you for me”



Lets chat (4)

Dear x

I haven’t completely made up my mind about how I feel about x after hearing all the rumours that have been circulating about him, and tbh, I feel like I would be happier not doing so, so I won’t. This letter is centred around xxxtentacion’s album 17. I wasn’t even going to insert an intro because I’m bad at those but just thought I’d give you some context. So this is my letter to Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, and the I have nothing else to say, so here goes:


Dear X

It’s crazy to think that I probably would’ve never heard of you without one of my close friends. At the time, I was severely depressed and in one of the rare moments that I actually felt comfortable talking about my feelings and explained to her why I self harmed, she suggested that I listen to your music.

I’m sorry to say that your music didn’t numb my depression, my depression numbed me but that’s besides the point. The point is that in a time when I felt like I had nobody except my friends and felt like a burden, even to them, you were there. Your music was there but it felt like more, and it was. It felt like a mutual understanding between two people who felt broken, a promise to be there when it felt like there was nobody else.

I remember crying, the first time I listened to Carry On. At the time I was going through this really complicated thing that was so much more than just friendship between me and this boy. And the truth is, I loved him. I still do, but it’s different now, I once said to someone that I don’t think love ever goes away, it just becomes a different type of love or it’s less intense, I still believe that. Because to me it’s the only logical explanation to why I still run back to him to this day, why he’s the only person who can make me feel better in minutes. Because love love became friendship love.

I tend to get distracted when I write, sorry.

I clung to your music like a piece of driftwood at a time when I was drowning and it was the only thing in sight that could have saved me. I broke down and built myself back together again countlessly as I listened to 17, because that album was so much more than just your thoughts X, every word was one I had never been able to say aloud and it felt like an invasion of my every thought and feeling in the most beautiful way possible.

Because I wasn’t alone anymore. I had you and the millions of other people who had listened to 17 and felt similar to the way I did. And that was enough, that was enough to get me through one of the hardest times of my life. I cannot thank you enough, at a time when I couldn’t see the light you sat with me in the darkness. I totally read that off of Pinterest, but hey, at least I’m honest about it lol.

I never got to see you perform.

But things hurt less because of your music. And when I’m still hurting as Jocelyn Flores blasts through my earphones, I know I’ll be okay someday.

That’s all I ever needed to know.



an infinite feeling kinda playlist

I’m so especially excited about this post because it was inspired by Tara from Blog About A Latte, she has an incredible blog about everything from advice, to hauls, to ootds and so much more and it would mean the world to me if you showed her posts some love! You can find Tara’s Infinite Feeling Playlist here.

If you haven’t already read my two other playlist blog posts you can find them here.

Soundtrack to my life 

Soundtrack to my life pt.2


I’ve always loved 2am drives with my brother, cruising down the streets with music blasting through the speaker, feeling infinite. Untouchable. Like, in that one moment, nothing else matters but the feeling coursing through you. It’s… always been magical to me. Which is why below you’ll find a playlist full of songs very close to my heart, chosen not only because of the lyrics, which by they way are phenomenal, but the memories that accompany them. Hopefully, you find a new fave to add to your own playlist!

An Infinite Feeling Kinda Playlist

“Guillotine”-Jon Bellion

“Nikes”-Frank Ocean

“PCH”-Jaden Smith

“Kamikaze”- MØ

“The Nights”-Avicii

“Thanks fr th Mmrs”-Fall Out Boy

“Losers”-The Weeknd

“Hey There Delilah”-Plain White T’s

“Stay The Night”-Zedd ft. Hayley Williams



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And the stars with pure light sweetly overflowing

-Guido Cavalcanti


Lets chat (4)




So in case you haven’t noticed yet I luurrvvee music. Some of the songs on this playlist are quite old but that’s never stopped me from dancing wildly to them, lol, who even am I? Anyway without further ado:


  • National Anthem-Lana Del Rey
  • You Don’t Own Me-Grace
  • Woman- Kesha
  • Say It To My Face-Madison Beer
  • New Rules- Dua Lipa
  • Don’t Play- Halsey
  • Do My Thang-Miley Cyrus
  • Feelings- Hayley Kiyoko
  • O.D.D- Hey Violet
  • Work- Iggy Azalea
  • Secret(Shh)- Charli XCX (Honestly not sure if this song fits the theme but it makes me feel badass so we’re putting it here anyway)
  • Needed Me- Rihanna
  • Dead- Madison Beer
  • Nasty Gal- Betty Davis
  • Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
  • You Already Know-Fergie
  • Sorry Not Sorry-Demi Lovato
  • BO$$-Fifth Harmony
  • Pretty Girls-Britney Spears
  • Bad Girls-M.I.A
  • Ready For It-Taylor Swift
  • Blow-Kesha
  • Potential Breakup Song-Aly and AJ
  • My Rules-Jadagrace

Music is what feelings sound like


Non-Christmas Playlist|SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE pt.2

I hate Christmas songs.

I’m sorry, but like they just really really annoy me. Which is why instead of a Christmas playlist for Blogmas I’m doing a Non-Christmas one, you guys really seemed to like my Soundtrack To My Life post❤.Which is why I hope you love this one just as much, because I now have like 980 songs which is way more than before and I have tons to share with you😆😆

Don’t Play-Halsey

Queen Dot Kong-The Dø

Stay (Just a Little Bit More)-The Dø

🍉A friend of mine told me about the Dø and as soon as I hear Stay(Just a Little Bit More) I downloaded their entire album and have been playing it non-stop since seriously tho:if you don’t listen to anything else listen to those!!!😻They honestly have like, such a raw sound and it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever heard which is part of why I’m obsessed enjoying listening to their music so much 😂😄

Dark Side-Bishop Briggs

🍉B.B is a total badass, like after hearing River I was like dayummmmm this women is goals!!!And then I hear Dark Side and I was just like…. does this women ever stop slayyying❤❤❤

Guillotine-Jon Bellion, Travis Mendes

Her Life-Two Feet

Take Me to Church-Hozier

Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood

Fast Car-Jasmine Thompson

Kissland– The Weeknd

Take Me to Church-Hozier

Fast Car-Jasmine Thompson

House of Balloons//Glass Table Girls -The Weeknd

Would You Be So Kind-Dodie

I Do-Gin Wigmore

Needed Me-Rihanna

Bad At Love-Halsey

The Motto-Drake

Two shots-Goody Grace

Begging for Thread-Banks

There is no better artist to listen to than Banks when you are having a bad day. She just gets me and I honestly love her and her music soo sooo much. A lot of musicians these days no names mentioned just write about stupid stuff like, okayy we get that you’re a Starboy can you go back to writing songs with meaning. Banks isn’t like them at all her words are just so beautiful. And honestly her lyrics are heart-wrenching but they are so bloody empowering!


Unlock the Swag-Rae Sremmurd

Fuck With Myself-Banks

You Should Know Where I’m Coming From-Banks

Wasted Youth-Sody,Martin Luke Brown


Sixteen-Chelsea Cutler

Nicest Thing-Kate Nash

Misfit-High Dive Heart

Poplar St-Glass Animals


Dèjà Vu-Rogue

Drama-Jasmine Thompson


R U Mine-Arctic Monkeys


🍉And then I discovered THE MOST AMAZING SINGER EVAHHH!!!Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:Blackbear 🍉Like, after watching Titanic I thought Leo and I were meant to be but then I heard Blackbear’s music!!!!!!!!!!It is legit, solid gold and I honestly cannot get enough😻 Like I have listened to his songs every day since I first heard them, like…. bruhhh:SOULFOOD

-If I Could I Would Feel Nothing

-Do Re Mi


-Bright Pink Tims


-Flirt Right Back

-I miss the old u


Charlie XCX


-Secret (Shhh)

Work-Iggyy Azalea

🍉PS:I didn’t make a mistake😂 I would definitely recommend listening to those three one-after-the-other.

Hayley Kiyoko


🍉Also the music video came out a few weeks ago😻😻 I’ve been listening to it like everyday and I’m still madly in love with it because it is such a great song!!!!

Hey Violet

Guys my age is like one of my favourite songs and I like a lot of songs but this one is seriously one of the best!! I would definitely recommend listening to all her albums!!!

-Guys My Age

-Like LoversDo-O.D.D

-Break my Heart


Billie Eilish


-My Boy
-Six Feet Under

-Ocean eyes


-Party favour


So, that’s it for this playlist😢but I hope you find some songs that you absolutely love and adore😉! Let me know if you wanna see a SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE PT.3 and as always leave song recommendations down below☺️


Music is my medicine