The Dating Process by Claire Cramphorn|The Series That Turned Me Into A Sobbing Mess

So I never do reviews. Like ever. I did one ages ago and I was looking back on it and it wasn’t as atrocious as I thought it would be. So congrats 13 year old me, you were a cool kid.

So if you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning or maybe even not so long ago, you’ve heard about Claire.

And if you haven’t yet here are a few posts with her name in them:

But to summarise she’s the most incredible human being and my cake sister and she’s a really special person in my life.

Describing the most influential person in my life

Girl Talk❤

Letters to Us


So… umm…Claire wrote a series

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My favourite person in the world spent the majority of last year writing a series: The Dating Process

Sometime around my birthday she told me she wanted to dedicate it to me and I didn’t think she was joking but it wasn’t until I opened the first book and read the dedication that it sunk in. I cried. Like A LOTTTTT. I turned into a waterfall for half an hour basically.


I read the entire series in a week.

And maybe I’m a tad biased because I love her so much but it’s one of my favourite series ever!! And that’s saying something because I’m super picky. Despite me trying to prepare myself to read a series by one the best writers I know, I was blown away, there just aren’t enough words.



It’s witty and beautiful and a lot of parts hit me hard. So although review might not be as good as others you’ve read, I tried, really damn hard to make it good


Claire Cramphorn

➸ Jack and Alice




Like tumble head over over heels fall down a rabbit hole type fall for Jack. And then there was Alice, and it genuinely felt like I was staring at a reflection of me and my life (specifically my relationship with my dad and my half siblings) and it hurt but it also made me feel comforted and not alone and it was everything I needed and more. Plus I totally shipped them even if I did want Jack for myself #Jalice

➸OTP of The Year Award Goes To…

I genuinely have never read a book with a better duo and I read 100+ books a year. The chemistry between Jack and Tommy was magical, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at some point during the kitchen conversation I WAS CRYING! This was the OTP I needed and Claire delivered and you need to read it for yourself because it was precious!


I was going “YASS QUEEN!’ and”Mhmm” and nodding with approval the whole time. I was all for it, every step of the way. It was like this no BS guide to feminism. And I want everyone to read it, I want to go around the world shoving copies of The Dating Process into the hands of everyone but especially teens because the messages in each book are so important.



People always say…

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

I say…

Don’t play games with the girl who can play better.

I never wanted to start dating. I got tricked. (Emotionally blackmailed, actually.) By one of my very best friends.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. I actively didn’t want to date anybody. I especially didn’t want to date some loser who was desperate to be set up with me.

I. Just. Wasn’t. Interested.

Then I heard something.

And straight away I knew…

Those guys? They weren’t your average losers. They were up to something.

And me? Well, I wasn’t about to let them get away with it.

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Book Review📚

Hi, everyone so as you can tell from the title this is a book review and when I started my blog this was something I really wanted to do and because we have a long weekend and I don’t have to go to school tomorrow, I decided to post this today(15 June) or tomorrow.  Recently I went shopping at one of my favourite stores and bought a book that… wait this shouldn’t be up here with the intro

I was shopping at one of my fav stores and I stumbled across three books 1)The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 3)By The Time You Read This 2)Speak

So this will be a book review about the third book because it was the last one of the three that I read

Firstly let me just say how much I loved this book it was different and meaningful, now when I say different I don’t mean it in a bad way, I mean it like wow it was refreshing.

However I had some issues because the story was good but there were some things that popped out of nowhere or were just plain dumb

  1. Jamie admitting she was messing with Lois

At some point in the book Jamie(a co-worker) admits that she was doing things purposely to make it seem like L was slacking off because of a guy, no offense but that has got to be the stupidest thing ever

2. Lois getting upset because Corey left her and then them later declaring their love for each other

Classic. “Omg he left me I’m so miserable” a few pages later (or at least that’s how it seemed) ” I love you”. Really, because he comes back she’s supposed to run into his arms and realise that they’ve always been meant to be and that there is no one else for them. While I imagine sappy love songs playing in the background uhh… NO

3. Carla not being able to stand up for herself 

Okay, so I get that in an abusive relationship you feel weak and get hurt or abused if you say something that your partner doesn’t like but can we be real for a second. She can’t tell L what’s going on and move in with her? Honestly this was the one of the parts in the book that I found to be pointless.

The fact that her dad wrote her a manual and gave her advice throughout her life till she was 30 was sweet and all but all the points above and a few others made the book meh. Tbh it was a quick read not because I enjoyed the book immensely but because I wanted to finish it so I could spend time doing things with actual relevance to my life.

download.jpg Harsh I know but the book had so much potential and it was so… disappointing.