unravelling adria

I’ve never really been afraid to admit that I was a lot less put together than most of the people I was surrounded with. That’s one of the reasons I first fell in love with writing, a lot of people aren’t comfortable with you being okay with the less than perfect bits of yourself, and I got tired of pretending that I didn’t have broken pieces at a really young age. Writing was one of the only times I could be okay with the messy bits. Feel in wholes instead of partials and still write about feeling a whole lot less than whole.

You’ve seen the messy bits of me. The parts I’ve been told to put away since the day I knew they existed.

You’ve watched me unravel.

And break.

And accept.

And try to piece back broken bits.

And stitch the jagged bits into something I liked.

And then unravel more

So this is a space full of all my ‘i’m a mess’ posts. The ‘i’m not perfect’ posts. The ‘feeling in 14 foot wave’ posts.

And I hope by reading them, you realise that it’s okay. It’s more than okay to not have everything figured out and that your feelings are valid.

All my love,

Your Unravelling Adria